CadaNiNa 3d Printing LLC was founded in 2018. It was started by a CAD Designer to introduce young minds into the world of design engineering and 3d printing. The goal of CaDaNiNa 3d printing LLC will recieve your quote and have our young, ambitious, minds  move forward with your prototype design or idea, while having a mentor of 25 years guide them to a finished 3d product. You may not get your prints as fast as a larger more established companie but you will be helping young people understand engineering and 3D printing.


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Dave Fleischer

Tel: 586-381-4163



Warren, Michigan 48093

We Offer
  • FDM printing of small to medium parts.


    • $10 for 75mm x 100mm​ 

    • $15 for 100mm x 125mm

    • $20 for 125mm x 150mm

    • $25 for 150mm x 175mm

    • $30 for 175mm x 200mm

    • $35 for 200mm x 225mm

    • $40 for 225mm x 250mm

    • $45 for 250mm x 300mm

    • (Prices include post processing of parts.)

  • NX CAD support.


We Currently use FDM technology that used PLA to produce plastic parts for prototype, pre-manufacture build, and any small plastic parts.

Build size:

     300mm x 300mm x 400mm


NX CAD support.
Files we accept:

  • STEP - .stp

  • NX PART - .prt

  • IGES - .iges

  • PARASOLID - .xt

  • STL - .stl


  • Please include any files, images, drawings, photographs, existing parts, descriptions, that will help desribe your degign. Thanks for visiting.

Indicate Millimeters or Inches.


Contact us after uploading your file so we can discuss your parts.


3D Printed parts

Prototype builds

Assorted Parts