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Warren, Michigan 48093

We Offer
  • FDM printing of small to medium parts.

  • CAD support and design modification.

NX CAD support.
Files we accept:

  • STEP - .stp

  • NX PART - .prt

  • IGES - .iges

  • PARASOLID - .xt

  • STL - .stl


We Currently use FDM technology that used PLA to produce plastic parts for prototype, pre-manufacture build, and any small plastic parts.

Build size:

 Creality CR-10S

300mm x 300mm x 400mm



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  • Please include any files, images, drawings, existing parts, and descriptions that will help describe your design.

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Contact us after uploading your file so we can discuss your parts.


3D Printed parts

Prototype builds

Assorted Parts